Infos pratiques

L’Ardèche – The river

River without any large difficulties, with about 20 rapids making the descent attractive. Minimum age to do the descent is 7 years. On the course of 5 and 12 km, and the course of 36 km in two days, you will pass canoe slides. Under here you can find some videos to get an impression of these slides.

Slide passage
Enter a slide
Exit a slide

Rented equipment

The rate includes the rental of the canoe/kayak, the lifejacket, wetsuit (depending on the season) and a container tu put your things in. Our containers are watertight, nevertheless, we can not garantuee there watertightness, as this depends on how its closed by its user. Therefore, we advise you to put your belongings in a plastic bag before putting it in the container. For the course in 2 days (31 or 36 km), we give you a large container (55 liters) for each person. When you book a 2 day trip for a child in the third place, note that this will cost you a place for a container.
Helmets are not obligatory on the Ardéche, but we can rent you a helmet if requested.

Before you start

Before starting, you will get a briefing, an explanation of the course you are going to make, with indications and explanations of the surroundings and the rapids on your course. We also show you the arrival point et we explain to you how the return goes. If you have any questions after this briefing, please let us know. Short or long course, please foresee shoes fitting well on the feet (watershoes, sandals, sport shoes…), drinks, food, pick nick/meal (depending on the course), suncream, t-shirt, hat or cap, sunglasses, extra clothes, towels, string for glasses…

Descents with bivouac :

For the courses in 2 days (31 and 36 km), you will need to book your places on the bivouacs. You can do this directly on our website on the page of the descente of your choice.


You can take your dog on a course.
Your dog has to know how to swim and can’t be afraid of the water. We also advise you not to tie your dog in the boat and remove collar or harness during the course. We do not have life jackets for dogs.

Arrival / Return

After the descent, our bus will take you back to the starting point (the place where you have left your car). We do everything in our power to bring our clients back as quickly as we can. Return times are indicative only, depending on traffic and unforeseen situations. On busy days, extra waiting time can be expected.


Our partner “L’AUBERGE DU PONT D’ARC”, situated next to the Pont d’Arc, offers you local cuisine, grill, snacks, ice cream, from June to September..


Our containers – 25, 40 or 55 liters depending on the duration of your descent.
For half-day or full-day descents, we give you 1 container per canoe. For descents over several days, we give you 1 container (55 liters) per person.
Our containers are waterproof, however we cannot guarantee their watertightness, it depends on how the user closes it. Bring a plastic bag to protect your belongings.

Canoes/ kayaks

Our 2/3-seater canoes can carry 2 people + 2 containers or 3 people (3rd place in the middle for children from 7 to 12 years old maximum) + 1 container.
Single-seater kayaks can carry 1 person + 1 container.

Kayak 1 place

Canoe 2/3 places