Multi outdoor activities with our partner GEO !

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Caving Les 2 Avens
2h00 – ½ day

Level easyquite easymediumexpert

At 1 kmDiscover12 people max / guide

Get to the heart of the matter with an amazing 20-meter abseiling dive entry.

You will then pass through narrow passages with different rooms lined with columns, gourd draperies forming a maze.

Tarif : 46 €

Caving Grotte de Spectaclan
2 to 3h00 – ½ day

Level easyquite easymediumexpert

At 5 kmDiscover12 people max / guide

Fun and sporty course.

You will progress in the heart of an exceptional underground world.

Go on an adventure with horizontal and vertical progression, with narrow passages, large volumes…

Rate : 46 €

Caving Grotte des Jeunes
2h – ½ day

Level easyquite easymediumexpert

At 25 kmDiscover12 people max / guide

Discover an underground world for an initiation where you will have to progress horizontally bordered by narrow passages throughout the course immersed in the heart of the universe of this cave.

Tarif : 42 €

Caving Traversée de Remène

Level easyquite easymediumexpert
Discover an entertaining course without great difficulty with a horizontal progression. This site allows you to discover the caving activity as a whole from every angle with in particular the discovery of a siphon.

Caving Event de Foussoubie
4h – 1 day

Level easyquite easymediumexpert
Dive into the center of the earth where you will have to progress through a series of wells in order to reach the water point which leads directly to an underground river which will mark the end of your sensational journey.

Activities with certified guides
Supply of equipment specific to the practice of the activity