Fun with Friends for a Bachelor or Bachelorette Weekend!

Embark on an exciting adventure during a bachelor or bachelorette weekend in the Ardèche Gorges. At the Base Nautique du Pont d’Arc, hop into a canoe with your friends and embark on a thrilling 12 km descent. Slide down water slides and conquer rapids for an unforgettable experience. It’s the perfect activity for some fun with friends in a spectacular setting.

For those in a hurry, you can also choose the 7 km route, ideal for a faster and more intense descent. Challenge the rapids and feel the adrenaline rush throughout the journey.

If you’re looking for a longer adventure, opt for the 24 km route or the 31 km route. This descent will allow you to discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Ardèche Gorges, passing through impressive natural sites.

And for those seeking an extra dose of adventure, don’t miss the opportunity to try canyoning. Descend waterfalls, swim in natural pools, and overcome obstacles in an exceptional environment.

Whether you choose canoeing or canyoning, the Ardèche Gorges promise moments of excitement, laughter, and camaraderie with your friends. It’s an unforgettable experience to celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette weekend amidst nature’s beauty.

Get ready for thrilling adventures and create unforgettable memories during this weekend in the Ardèche Gorges.